Sonos Trade-Up Eligible Products

  • Bridge
  • ZP80, ZP90 
  • ZP100, ZP120
  • Connect (Gen 1)
  • Connect: Amp (Gen 1)
  • Play:5 (Gen 1)


Q: How do I know if my Connect, Connect AMP or Play5 are Gen 1 or not?

A: If they are manufactured before 2015, they are considered as Gen 1. The year and month of manufacture (YYMM) are the 4 digits before the serial number on the label.  


How does Trade-Up work? 

You can get 30% off the Sonos Recommended Retail Price (“RRP”) on any (single) Sonos product for each eligible Trade-Up Sonos Product traded-in. The 30% discount can be applied to one product only, and not to an entire order. The trade does not have to be ‘like-for-like’. In other words, you may decide to trade up from a Play:5 Gen1 to any Sonos product, for example, a Sonos Move.

*Note that Bridge can only be traded up to 30% off Boost and not to any other product.

(Sonos Products purchased as part of another promotion are specifically excluded from this Program). 


Why do I need to upgrade? 

In June, Sonos will release Sonos S2, a new app and operating system (OS) that will power the next generation of products and experiences. In addition to new features, usability updates, and more personalization moving forward, Sonos S2 will enable higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theatre.

Some of Sonos oldest products (previously referred to as “legacy” products) will not support the advances of S2 due to their memory and processing power.

With the Trade-Up Program, you have the opportunity to upgrade your legacy products to the latest, so your entire Sonos system can be upgraded to S2. 


What will happen to my legacy products?

Don’t worry, they will continue to work, The article below tells you everything you need to know about the S2 and it’s compatibility with S1 products. 



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Saturday 02nd May 2020

Hi There

Where does the play 3 fit in, bought mine well before 2015? Is this applicable to trade up?

Cheers Stuie

Magnum Sound and Vision
Magnum Sound and Vision
Saturday 02nd May 2020

HI Stuie: The inbuilt hardware for all Play3 speakers will support the latest S2 operating system, that's why play3 is not part of the Trade-Up Program. Thanks.

Bruce Radburnd
Bruce Radburnd
Friday 24th April 2020

I am interested in trading my Sonos Connect for either a Sonos Port or Sonos Amp.
Can you please confirm under the trade up scheme if I can keep my existing Sonos Connect?

Magnum Sound and Vision
Magnum Sound and Vision
Friday 24th April 2020

Hi Bruce. Yes, you can keep your existing Sonos Connect and it will continue to work. Thanks.

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