QED Performance Original - Unterminated

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The internationally acclaimed award winning QED Original builds on the magic of the original 79 strand.

Original builds on the qualities of QED 79 Strand by adding a low density polyethylene dielectric to cut down on the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance. 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors and optimised geometry are used to deliver the superb sound quality of this low cost cable.


76 strands of 99.999% OFC

To ensure a low resistance pathway for the signal and protection from oxidisation


High peformance low-density polyethylene dielectric

Used to reduce the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance to deliver greater depth and detail.



  • Wire gauge - 14 AWG
  • Jacket OD - 3.60 mm
  • Cross-sectional area - 2.50 mm²
  • Loop resistance - 0.015 Ω/m
  • Capacitance - 35 pF/m
  • Inductance - 0.59 µH/m
  • Dissipation factor - 0.0004
  • Ideal for use in all installations
  • Lifetime Guarantee


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