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When all your devices always work, that’s us

It used to be easy: Get an inexpensive wireless router for the home, and boom – everyone had Internet access.  Unless you were in a far corner of the house, or two people were online at once, or you wanted to stream a hi-def movie or play a multi-player game in real time. And now, with so many new wireless devices competing for the same Internet, the old way falls far short – and that’s where we come in.

Magnum Sound and Vision can give your home a secure and reliable home network — a “High-Performance Enterprise Grade Wireless Computer Network” — that connects all your devices to each other and to the Internet, with ease, while also ensuring your personal data remains safe wherever you roam on your property. The end result? A flawless connection to everything in your home.


The right way to get the speed you want.

If you want a better, faster, more reliable connection to the Internet for all your devices, upgrading your Vodafone, Two Degrees, Spark service level will not solve the problem. But a better router and a smarter wireless system, designed for your home by our home networking experts, will. (And you save a ton of money in the long run.)

Additionally, a strong wireless signal (the bars on your phone) does not equal a fast Wi-Fi connection. There are too many other factors that can slow your Wi-Fi down. Wi-Fi boosters can help spread a signal further, but they also cut speed by up to half. We’ll show you the smarter way to get the speed you want.


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