Audio Pro Drumfire II Wireless Speaker

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Audio Pro
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Drumfire II
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Compatible with AirPlay 2, Google Cast, Spotify Connect and Audio Pro Multiroom system.

6 preset buttons will give you easy access to playlists and radio stations. No need to use the app, just push and play.

Wireless multiroom speaker that lets you play the same track on all speakers in your house, or different tunes in different rooms, you decide.

DRUMFIRE II Drumfire II delivers the loudest multiroom sound yet. It has a pure and bold sound with stunning dynamics. You will feel every little part of your music, physically. The Drumfire II is the new improved version of Drumfire and offers AirPlay 2, Google Cast and Spotify connect, and even greater sound than its predecessor.

Streaming services available: Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Napster, Qobuz, QQ Music, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, VTuner and many more via Google Cast and AirPlay 2.





Bluetooth: Yes

RCA: Yes

WiFi 2,4 GHz: Yes

WiFi 5 GHz: Yes



Frequency range: 45-22000 Hz, 30-120 Hz

Frequency crossover: 2500 Hz, 50-120 Hz


Sound Support

Apple lossless: Yes

AAC: Yes


MP3: Yes

WMA: Yes



Spotify Connect: Yes

Tidal Connect: Yes


Multiroom Compatability

Multiroom Audio Pro: Yes

Multiroom AirPlay2: Yes

Multiroom Google Cast: Yes



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