Sonos Five

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Studio Quality

The high-fidelity speaker for superior sound.

Experience vividly clear, room-filling sound for music streaming, vinyl, and more. Enjoy control with the app and Apple AirPlay 2.


Introducing Sonos Five

A new look. The updated design features new details and a monochromatic finish.

The latest technology. Increased memory and processing power provide improved performance.


Enhanced with Trueplay™

Trueplay puts the speaker-tuning capability of the pros in the palm of your hands, customising the sound of the speaker to the unique acoustics of the room.


Smart stereo sound

Horizontal – When positioned horizontally, Five automatically separates the left and right channels for impressive stereo sound.

Vertical – Pair two speakers and each smartly adjusts to mono for more detailed stereo separation and an even wider soundstage.


Line-in and play

Connect your turntable, CD player, projector, or other device directly to Five using the 3.5 mm jack.



  • Six Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to the speaker's acoustic architecture.
  • Three midwoofers ensure faithful playback of vocal frequencies, in addition to rich bass without distortion, even at high volumes.
  • Three tweeters, including one centre tweeter and two precisely-angled side tweeters, create a crisp high-frequency response.
  • Phased array creates a wide stereo soundstage that directs sound to the left, right, and centre.
  • Analogue line-in with 3.5 mm jack for connecting another device.
  • Trueplay™ software dynamically tunes the speaker to the unique acoustics of the room. iOS device required.
  • Adjustable EQ settings in the app, including bass, treble, and loudness.



Dimensions - H x W x D
8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 in. (203 x 364 x 154 mm).

Black with matte finish
White with matte finish

Status LED
Indicates the power and connection status.

Capacitive Touch Controls
Tap to play, pause, adjust the volume, and mute the microphones. Swipe right to skip ahead or left to revisit a track.

14 lbs. (6.36 kg).


Power and Networking

Power supply
Auto-switching 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC universal input.

Ethernet Port
1 10/100 Mbps ethernet port. Wire directly to your router if WiFi is unreliable.

Connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router.

Sonos S2
Download the latest generation of the app to set up and control.

Apple AirPlay 2
Works with AirPlay 2 on Apple devices iOS 11.4 and higher.

Quad Core
1.3 GHz



Five, Power Cable, QuickStart Guide, Legal & Warranty Information




What is the difference between Five and Play:5 (Gen 2)?

Five features updated internal technology, including increased memory and a more powerful CPU, as well as a new monochromatic finish.


Does Five work with the Sonos S1 Controller?

No. Five is only compatible with the new Sonos app. Find more information here.


Can I stereo pair Five and Play:5?

Five will only stereo pair with another Five.


Can I use a pair of Five speakers as home theatre surrounds?

Yes. Five will connect to Sonos home theatre speakers or home theatre systems connected to Sonos components.


Will Five connect to my turntable?

Yes, you can connect your turntable to Five using the line-in port and an auxiliary cable.


Can I connect Five to my TV?

No. The line-in isn't designed for use with a TV and will result in some latency or lip sync issues whilst the audio is converted from analogue to digital.


Can I adjust the bass level?

Yes. You can adjust the following equalisation (EQ) settings from the Sonos app: bass, treble, balance, and loudness.


Can I put Five outside on my patio or in my garden?

Five is not weather rated. It is not recommended that you leave Five outdoors when it is not in use.


How can I use voice control with Five?

Five can be controlled with either Alexa or the Google Assistant when connected to a voice-enabled device, such as Sonos One, Beam, Google Home, or an Amazon Echo Dot, over WiFi.


Can I hardwire Five to my network router?

Yes. Five has an ethernet port so you can connect it directly to your router if WiFi is unreliable.